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So, tell me about yourself...

I have always been interested in the creative. I am blessed to have found a way to combine my passion for innovation with my drive for business through the field of marketing. I have a growing focus & passion for changing & growing businesses & brands with these talents.

I have the desire to continually learn & improve, whether it is myself, my team, my company, or my client. I have immersed myself in marketing, through both higher education and my own desire to go out and achieve success with local businesses.
I am a passionate, creative, and ambitious.

My strengths...

I possess a unique combination of traits that allow me to succeed.

  • Ethics
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Common Sense & Problem Solving

A lot of basic values can be overlooked as valuable traits.
Ethics to me are highly important, not just as a personal value but as a business tool to protect the integrity of the brand and business relationships.

Common sense is integral in reaching an end goal. It is being able to logically adapt & effectively problem solve. Many employees become overly focused on a specific job task and forget the big picture. The common sense I utilize gives me the ability to function effectively & figure things out easily.

Both efficiency and innovation are essential in maintaining a competitive company & workplace. The company that survives is one that is able to change.

Passion, Motivation, & Creation
  • Creativity
  • Ingenuity
  • Accomplishment

At the end of the day, it's about creation. As a kid, I loved arts & crafts. There is something magical about starting with a blank paper or a lump of clay. It can be anything, and it is up to me to determine its future. Although I am passionate about art, it's not my calling. But it's still about creation. A brand goes through the same process. It starts as an idea for a product or service and can grow into anything. A logo or design, a product, position, and brand can be anything, and because of me, it gains a personality and becomes alive.

I'm an ideas girl. Marketing is truly my creative outlet. I'm creating and growing something, I'm building a business, and I'm helping someone's dreams come true. What could be more of a motivation?

I am also very accomplishment driven. Give me a goal and I will find a way to get there. I don't work for the sake of working; I work to get the job done, and I always find a way. Both in my professional and personal life, I strive to reach new heights, whether it be completing my MBA or riding my bike great distances. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, and I've learned to welcome the challenge.

Psychology & Business
  • Inherent understanding of customer behavior
  • Brand as Personality

I began my undergraduate degree with the assumption that I would end up in a business setting. As I progressed in my psychology degree and then embarked upon my MBA, I strengthened my understanding of how these two truly work together.

It is nearly impossible to succeed in marketing without an understanding of people. Ultimately, their perceptions define your brand, and their wallets run your business. A good idea means nothing if your market doesn't understand it. Market research is worthless without the reasons behind the results, and actions to improve. I understand and enjoy considering the psychological aspect of marketing throughout all my tasks, and my clients have recognized and appreciated the results.

Psychology also affects other aspects, such as logical progression through a website. Not only must a website be visually appealing, findable by search engines, but it must also be relevant, logical, and easy to navigate. Search engines consider these things. After all, isn't SEO a human, trying to think like a search engine trying to think like a human? Psychology is unavoidable.

Additionally, a brand is truly the personality of a business, and our personalities are our own brands. Brands can be perceived as high-quality, trendy, fun, reliable, honest, etc. just as humans can. They can be nearly interchangable as the people behind marketing are present in social media and other marketing outlets. I believe this is a vital consideration that many professionals overlook. This is one of my strongest interests in marketing.

Entrepreneur Attitude
  • Self Starter
  • Self Taught over multiple disciplines
  • Inherent Optimist

When I was a kid, I started a business with the girls in my neighborhood. We made a catalog, sold door-to-door, and made crafts to order. One girl insisted that she be the president, or she would quit. Fine, I said, I'll be the treasurer. Guess who made out best?

This isn't just a cute story, this is an attitude that I've held for as long as I can remember. When I worked at the bike shop, I created new marketing tasks. When I wanted to take my marketing skills elsewhere, I didn't wait around for a job. I went out and found clients. I learned web design through books and YouTube videos. I am ambitious, resilient, and eternally motivated.

Perhaps it was my journey with chronic illness that has made me an optimistic person. I truly understand that things can always be worse. And when they get worse, you still have a ways until rock bottom. Optimism is a rare and valuable tool in business. A positive outlook in the workplace is contagious and motivating. A positive outlook in an entrepreneurial setting is the difference that leads to success. Anything is possible.

Interpersonal & Customer Service
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Top review scores in customer relations
  • Top sales and growth numbers
  • Excellent written, verbal, & presentation skills

Nearly every job I have worked has been customer-service oriented. An exclusive health club, a high-end bicycle shop, & a service focused sales job have allowed me to practice top-notch customer service. I do this because I truly want every person I encounter to have a positive experience & feel special. I spend just as much attention to wealthy executives as the blue-collar worker who saved for months for his first bike. I practice good customer service outside of the workplace, holding the door at the grocery store, picking up a toy someone's child has dropped. This quality is embedded in my personality & values.

I recently achieved a perfect score in my review in the "Customer relations and communication" category. I enjoy building relationships, and treating customers as if they are friends, and not just another potential sale. In any position, this skill is vital to retaining current customers and finding additional opportunities, as well as gaining positive referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

Finally, I work well on a team and get along well with a variety of personalities. I have worked in a shop full of men & an office full of women, and I succeed in both. I enjoy teamwork and consider myself both a leader and collaborator. I am careful to keep myself in check, and not lead for the sake of leading. I achieved positive feedback while in a leadership position, from both superiors and subordinates.

Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Understanding of dynamic business & world
  • Desire & Motivation
  • Ability to learn rapidly
  • Self-Taught

Marketing is constantly changing and it is a fascinating journey to take.Several years ago, this little thing called "internet" changed the world, yet many were convinced it was just a fad. Now, social networking is one of our primary means of communication. While it is important to be skilled in current marketing tactics such as SEO and Social Media, the true advantage is the ability to learn an adapt. There is always going to be a next wave. This is true not just for the field of marketing, but our society and an increasingly global marketplace.

I love to learn. I love reading, I love discovering new things, and being around accomplished and knowledgable people. I love figuring out how things work together, and how a business functions as a whole to reach their end goal.

A major strength of mine is the ability to learn quickly. I have a problem-solving mind, I think logically and think ahead. I can often figure things out on my own. I am able and motivated to do this. This desire and capability has also led me to pursue knowledge on my own, in addition to school and office work.

There are many people in the workforce that may seem qualified for a position. I have found that even if I may not have experience in a particular task, I am able to excel. I have sky-high potential in abilities, motivation, and attitude.

Additional skills

I am eager to become a part of a team that allows me to maximize my skills, flourish in the field of marketing, and contribute to the growth & success of one or many brands!

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