Why Me?

Why Choose Megan Starshak for your marketing?

Whether to bring her onto your team, or use her for an individual project, Megan provides results based on a combination of marketing, psychology, and design elements. Lots of designers can build a cool website, but it doesn't mean anything if your customer's can't find it, or navigate it, or find useful content. Nothing is sacrificed to achieve the best of both worlds.

Your marketing plan is tailored to your goals, budget, and vision, all the time with your customer in mind. Each tactic is employed with your success in mind. Good design skills are enhanced with a marketing mindset. Megan never stops thinking about how your customer perceives you, and what it takes to grow your customer base, market exposure, and most important, your bottom line.

You already know you are great at what you do. shouldn't everyone else? Let me jump start and manage your marketing needs while you continue to do what you do best. I specialize in small retail business, service company, personal trainer, or just a good-deed doers. Marketing is an investment with unlimited return potential.

We'll work together to customize a comprehensive marketing plan. All elements including graphic design and photography can be done in house. This ensures that the focus remains on the marketing goals, and saves costs. Should you need highly professional services, I have strategic relationships in place.

We'll begin by reviewing your business. Time to show off! We'll discuss your goals, review your strengths, find ways to improve upon your opportunities, and create a plan that encompasses your vision and your budget. Email megan@meganstarshak.com to get started.

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Megan Starshak Marketing Professional Resume Milwaukee WIStrategic Campaign Brand PortfolioCampaign by style, category, or typePhotography Portfolio.  I love my Nikon!Why Choose Megan Starshak Marketing Professional for your marketing and design needs?