Here’s the short version.

I was always the kid with the messiest desk and the best art projects. I thrived on creativity – imagining beautiful projects and bringing them to life. I’ve always had a foundation of creativity and dreams of being an artist, and I took nearly every art class offered in school.

Then, I took AP psychology, and found that I also loved human behavior. This inspired me to earn a psychology degree. I loved learning about what drives us as people, but I knew I wasn’t quite cut out for clinical practice. But at the intersection of psychology and creativity lives a great place called marketing.

My career began with projects and tactics, allowing me to scratch that creative itch while supporting organizational goals – at my full time job, in healthcare consulting, or side gigs. I quickly realized that these individual projects aren’t as effective if the dots aren’t connected – so I learned to put together and execute marketing strategies to create compelling brands, and everything that makes them up.

Now, I still thrive on creating. Creating strategies and tactics, and creating the nuances that build real emotional connections, and creating the pathway between an idea and a result.

Oh, I’m also active in health advocacy. Sometimes I share my own story, and sometimes I help others tell theirs more effectively.

Thanks for stopping by. I genuinely appreciate it.