Let’s get to know each other.

I was always the kid with the messiest desk and the best art projects.

I thrived on creativity – imagining beautiful projects and bringing them to life. I’ve always had a foundation of creativity and dreams of being an artist, and I took nearly every art class offered in school. Then, I took AP psychology, and found that I also loved human behavior. I earned a psychology degree. I loved learning about what drives us as people, but I knew I wasn’t quite cut out for clinical practice.

But at the intersection of psychology and creativity lives a great place called marketing.

I entered my professional career in marketing and I quickly realized that these individual tactics aren’t effective if the dots aren’t connected – so I learned to put together and execute strategies to create compelling brands, campaigns, and projects. Now, I still thrive on creating. Creating laser sharp strategies, creating the nuances that build real emotional connections, creating space for my team members to grow and support the strategy.

I create the pathway between an idea and a result, and all the dots that get you there.

Take it from those I’ve worked with.

“Megan is one of those rare individuals that is fully engaged, approachable, and accountable. I’ve worked with many people over the course of my career, but she is one of the few that has limitless potential to lead in the future.”

Joshua Garity, Award-Winning UX Leader and owner of Candorem

“Megan has given me such great feedback and has held me to a much higher marketing standard, and I’m very grateful. She understands the world of marketing, both strategically and tactically. You put that together and that is just a wealth of knowledge that is really important when you are doing marketing in healthcare.”

Mike Veny, Best Selling Author and Speaker

Megan possesses a sharp business mind, boundless energy, humor, optimism and empathy. I’ve always enjoyed collaborations with Megan because she brings those qualities every time.”

John Novack, Former Director of Communications, Inspire.com

“Megan has a natural talent for bringing people together to collaborate and collectively make an even bigger difference. Megan is also an excellent speaker and presenter. She is an inspirational communicator and storyteller…I really think she is the total amazing and awesome package.”

Caroline Pavis, Business Unit Leader, Janssen Pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson

Enough about me. What can I do for you?

Drop me a message, whether you’ve got a challenge, a specific opportunity, or just want to chat. I love connecting with new and old people, my StrengthsFinder profile confirms it.

Thanks for stopping by. I genuinely appreciate it.