When you thrive in marketing, you work as the guide, not the hero, to help others be their very best. I’m humbled to have received such kind words from people I’ve lifted up along the way.

“Through Megan’s unique combination of authenticity, advocacy and experience, she teaches others to raise their inner voice and create compelling branding that generates lasting  impressions and forges deep connections with the communities they’re trying to reach.”
-Rebecca Genin, Communications Leader, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve had the honor of working with Megan for the past few years as a fellow patient advocate. She has an unwavering passion and a magical way of leveraging the power of stories to make a difference. Not only is she talented, but she’s a stellar team player and brings out the best in those around her.”
-Lilly Stairs, Patient Leader and Head of Client Relations at Savvy Coop

“After working with Megan [on my website], it became a lot stronger which not only helped potential clients but also helped me. It allowed me to focus my message and understand the value I was trying to convey, instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

Megan helped me to understand customer behavior on my website and how I was in fact hindering it without even realizing it. I am grateful to have worked with Megan – she is an expert and has great eyes to see what needs to be done (changed/improved) and is able to convey these suggestions in a tactful manner that helps a client like me understand and able to take action.”
-Dina Pestonji, Patient Leader and Motivational Speaker

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Megan for over 6 years now.  Her passion for driving a change in her community coupled with her unparalleled strategic insight and digital expertise make her a force in the healthcare community.”
-Camille Dorsey, Marketing Manager, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Megan over the past 5 years. Megan is one of the most passionate, dedicated and hard-working people you will ever meet. She has a natural talent for bringing people together to collaborate and collectively make an even bigger difference. Megan is also an excellent speaker and presenter. She is an inspirational communicator and storyteller…I really think she is the total amazing and awesome package.”
-Caroline Pavis, Business Unit Communications Leader, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Personal Mentor and Hero

“Megan’s organization skills, mentorship skills and unbounded creativity shine through in everything that she does in the Camp Oasis Leaders in Training (LIT) program. She has been able to take a previously blasé experience and turn it into an incredibly meaningful growth experience for our rising high school senior campers, who participate in the program. Megan is always on top of her game and prepared for the task at hand. It’s been a true joy to watch her bring her program to life, and it’s been a huge breath of fresh air to not have to worry about programming anything for the LITs – because I know I can rely on Megan and her program to get the job done!”
-Mary Elizabeth Ulliman, Program Director, Camp Oasis Wisconsin

“I had the great pleasure of working alongside Megan on the Ambassador Program for the Tour of America’s Dairyland over the past two years. She demonstrated leadership through her ability to articulate a vision and rally the team to deliver upon it. Megan is highly organized and a strong communicator. She kept the team motivated and provided critical support up to and throughout the 11-day event. We were very fortunate to have Megan at the helm.”
-Erin P. Ninmer, former Marketing Director, Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD)

“At her presentation on Branding, Megan emphasized the value of being authentic and bringing both professionalism and personality to a brand, which helped me conceptualize what I wanted for my own individual brand. She has since helped me by reviewing aspects of my budding brand as an extension of my personal identity. I cannot speak more highly of Megan as she is clearly an expert when it comes to not only developing a concept of a brand but really, diving deep and thinking through all the nuances that lead up to developing one that’s in true alignment with our personal vision.”
-Tina Aswani Omprakash, Public Health Advocate, Session Attendee

“Working with Megan on my website resulted in a site that I love, and that stands out. In our discussions, we looked at what worked and didn’t work on other sites in my industry, and we talked at length about what really matters to my clients, to not just make it all about me. When myself or a visitor are going through the site, it’s a perfect experience. There aren’t too many moving pieces. It’s not distracting, it pulls you through and delivers you right where you want to be.”
Kim Kelley, Owner and Coach, Kelley Kinetics

“She is well-spoken, passionate, fun, friendly, and vibrant! We are absolutely delighted for her contribution to our project and brand.”
-Jennifer King, Marketing Manager, Enable Injections