Finding Purpose; Creating a Movement – Keynote

The Iowa Digestive Disease Center (IDDC) presents an annual education conference for patients and caregivers. I was honored to have been selected to present the Keynote session for their 2019 event.

It’s easy (or not) to stand in front of a crowd and simply talk about yourself. Telling a story that moves an audience and leaves them with a takeaway is harder, but essential to effectively do the role of Keynote Speaker justice.

My presentation took audiences through a perfectly innocent youth, free of disease, through diagnosis, and showed them how to flip the script and find purpose and power in what’s otherwise a devastating change of events. The audience was challenged to find even one more opportunity to have an IBD conversation and educate those around them, while being brought back to the story and the message – that we all hold the power to change the worlds around us, and the world at large.

I would be proud to present similar topics for your audience – please connect with me.

You can watch the entire speech here – just keep in mind, this was recorded from a good friend’s iPhone, from the back of the room.