HuffPost: How Living With IBD Helped Me Discover My Superpowers

Through a partnership campaign with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, I was tasked with writing a piece of content surrounding the topic of IBD and superheroes. I’m very proud of this piece, not just for my personal perspective, but because I have the opportunity to leave the reader feeling empowered.

“If you had x-ray vision, what would you do with it? Look through walls and spy on your co-workers? Find your dog’s lost ball under the couch, or lazily peek through your fridge to see if you’re almost out of your favorite Greek yogurt? Or maybe, like a traditional superhero, you would wander your town looking for clues behind the doors that no one can enter, and use your powers for the greater good.

What if your x-ray vision allowed you to not just see through things, but to see the invisible? I was given that super power, in a way, because of my life with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

As many patients know all too well, the difficulties associated with IBD are often invisible to others. It’s the hours when no one is around as you traverse from your couch to your bathroom; it’s the pain and fatigue that lurk in your body; it’s disappearing from your friends as you drive to the doctor’s office; and it’s the emotional pain too – the loneliness and isolation – when it feels like no one understands your experience…” [read full piece on]