If Remission Is The Goal | Experts by Experience

Remission from a chronic disease such as Ulcerative Colitis is (short of a cure) a good thing, which is probably why it took some time to figure out how to approach it in writing. This stage in the disease journey also contains some identity crisis, some guilt, and some figuring out how to live, knowing it’s not the end of the story.

Experts by Experience is a joint campaign by Mayo Clinic and Inspire.com, where patients affected by serious diseases are given a platform to address some of the important topics that they want both physicians, and communities, to better understand. I’m honored to have contributed on this platform.

“The period of adjustment to remission is real. I learned to find my identity as someone in remission, while finding a way to connect authentically and respectfully with the same IBD community that had carried me for so long. Finally, I was happy and healthy.

That’s when another unexpected emotion hit—guilt. Survivor’s guilt. Remission guilt. [read full piece on MayoClinic.org]