The Remicade Experience Videos

When I first heard of infusion treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), it seemed scary. But when I started, I found that the exact opposite is true. The hope offered by many infusion treatments can change the lives of patients like me living with Ulcerative Colitis, as well as a wide range of autoimmune and other diseases.

I think it’s not the infusion, but the unfamiliar, that seems scary – like somehow, the treatment administration is inherently tied to the perceived danger or risks. This recently came up in a conversation I had, when the mother of a patient was weighing the pros and cons vs the oral pill that her son was currently on. When I made a comparison, it instantly struck her – she had never even considered researching the pros and cons of oral meds. In reality though, these aren’t related, yet patients still bypass what often hold a lot of potential for remission, because of this unfounded fear.

It is discussions like these that led me to collaborate with Janssen, the manufacturer of Remicade, to create two videos – one, where they followed me through the infusion experience (spoiler alert, I sit in a chair, watch tv, and text my friends, just like I would be doing at home), and the other, where I was able to show all of the pieces of my life that I got back, when I found remission and was able to turn my positive energy back into my life and goals.

I worked closely with Janssen and the video team to drive the story and the direction of the videos, while adhering to FDA guidelines. I am grateful for both the opportunity to tell my story as it is, to be so involved in the creative direction, and to be a part of something that may help so many other people.

You can watch both videos online at

I was compensated for my time and story. As mentioned in the video and on the landing page, REMICADE® isn’t right for everyone, and individual results may vary. Talk with your doctor to decide if REMICADE® may be right for you.