The I’mPossible Project: Inspiration Compilation Book

Josh Rivedal is not just a survivor, but a thriver. He’s also a storyteller of himself, as well as others who have gone through different experiences, but come out with a similar sense of strength and resilience. Josh put together the first in a series of compiliation books, the I’mPossible Project, featuring the stories of mental and physical illness patients. These stories illustrate humans who have come out on the other side, even if they are still living with their challenges – and most, indeed, are surviving still. I was truly honored and humbled to have my words included. The IBD community is near and dear to my heart, so weaving a short entry about finding that community, the incredible places it’s led me, and how I work to pass on that sense to others was an ideal topic.

You can find out how to purchase the book on Josh’s website.

“It was at camp that I first realized the importance of taking care of yourself, wholly. It’s finding acceptance, recognizing your own strength, and acknowledging your worth; it’s surrounding yourself with the support you need, learning to put your health first; finding your own “normal”, whatever normal that may be. Finally, it’s finding your place in the community, and in the world.”