Good Strategy / Bad Strategy

Good Strategy / Bad Strategy

The Difference and Why It Matters

by Richard Rumelt

Why this is on my list.

As I’ve grown in my career and my professional development, I’ve realized that everyone thinks they know what ‘strategy’ is. It seems to hold an inherent meaning – but unless working groups, client-agency teams, top-down leadership, and every other stakeholder give buy-in to the same definition, we condemn it to staying a buzzword. I discovered this book (probably) through a recommendation in a social media group, and found it to be a great candidate to deepen my understanding of what ‘strategy’ actually means and to build my ability to be more strategic in the ways I am more strategic.

One major takeaway.

“Working with the brain-helping the rider and the elephant on the same path-is always easier than trying to pull the elephant along.”

-Melina Palmer

Who I recommend this for.

I’m not done reading this yet.