Rudder: Strategic Brand Clarity

Rudder: Strategic Brand Clarity

The Single Driving Force Behind Successful Companies

by David M. Flanagan

Why this is on my list.

Brand is talked about in a lot of ways in a lot of different places, and often, the strategic aspect is overlooked for the more fun, creative, or even buzzword-y applications of the term. I’ve grown my own understanding of what brand strategy, and alignment for that matter, are and why they are important, but I’m always looking to absorb others’ perspectives, ideas, and framing of this concept. David M. Flanagan nails the fundamentals of this, in ways that are straightforward and easy for nearly anyone to understand.

For the most part, his book solidified my own understanding, and in some examples, added to my library of ways to look at the moving parts that make up brand. His book is supported with interesting and applicable examples, always great to apply what you’ve just learned and strengthen those learning pathways in your brain.

One major takeaway.


Who I recommend this for.

Those early in their career in brand strategy, or those who don’t work in brand but will benefit from a solid understanding of what it is, why it is important, and why alignment can affect actual numbers in your organization. Executives and sales leaders, I’m looking at you.