Healthcare Consulting

If the term B2P (business to patient) hasn’t been coined yet, it should be. Patients-as-consumers are a large and important sector, with separate experiences, needs, and drivers than those in either traditional B2B or B2C audiences. The experience of a patient is not one of choice, does not adhere to economic trends, and presents multiple unique forces on the journey. Information gaps, access to resources, trust in various industry sectors, and the navigation of treatment and care are all issues that cannot be dismissed. Patients that have the tools and guide to navigate these can thrive; the absence a single one can result in life-altering blows to health and quality-of-life.

Being connected to the patient experience through multiple perspectives has allowed me a unique insight to contribute powerfully to the healthcare industry. Consulting across projects including patient experience, patient journey, content generation, and messaging strategies has proved to be a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship. With a strong marketing skillset, access and management of a large patient community, as well as personal experience, I’ve been able to dive deep into this industry and contribute in meaningful ways.

The companies and organizations that work to address these have additional challenges to tackle beyond those of traditional audiences. Using my voice and insight to leverage the future of these puts me in a valuable position to put a purpose to my own hurdles, and help drive a world that’s healthier – or at least easier to manage – for everyone. After all, who isn’t affected by a chronic condition?

My experience as a consultant in this industry includes pharmaceutical companies, patient advocate foundations, non-profit organizations, and more.

To inquire about working with me in this space, please reach out to me.

My work in this space includes:

  • Marketing, communications, and scientific affairs advisory panels
  • Short- and long-term collaborative marketing campaigns (example: IBD Unmasked)
  • On-screen video storytelling of patient perspectives and key challenges
  • Speaking and presenting to internal sales and medical staff
  • Contributions to social media groups and campaigns – both planning and posting

Some of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies I have worked with:

“I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working closely with Megan over the past 5 years. Megan is one of the most passionate, dedicated and hard-working people you will ever meet. She has a natural talent for bringing people together to collaborate and collectively make an even bigger difference. Megan is also an excellent speaker and presenter. She is an inspirational communicator and storyteller…I really think she is the total amazing and awesome package.”

-Caroline Pavis, Business Unit Communication Leader, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Megan for over 6 years now.  Her passion for driving a change in her community coupled with her unparalleled strategic insight and digital expertise make her a force in the healthcare community.”

-Camille Dorsey, Marketing Director, Janssen Pharmaceuticals