Kelley Kinetics Website

Kelley Kinetics owner and head coach Kim Kelley entered the space with a stellar reputation. When she incorporated her business, she was ready to reach the next level, and really grow her skills and relationships. The active and coaching space is competitive, so having a strong and distinct brand identity is not an option.

I worked with Kim Kelley to identify her core values, which immediately inspired a strong and identifiable logo design. From there, we dug even deeper into how she can benefit her athletes, what she offers that others don’t, what she’s learned from working with a range of clients, and her short- and long-term plans for her business.

Just like her logo communicates, Kelley Kinetics values both strength and dynamics. With her experience and input, we developed brand personas to reflect the range of clients, goals, and personalities that Kim can attract and benefit. We examined the informational needs of a potential coaching client, and developed a digital strategy to meet those needs, and carry web visitors through to clients. was launched after some in-depth, valuable discussions about how to structure a site to drive business and foster contact submissions. We looked at some other examples in the coaching industry to identify common practices that were actually distractions towards the goal. These included excessive navigation items, disorganized flow, and an over-emphasis on internal accomplishments. On Kelley’s site, pages and content were designed to talk to potential clients, and always answer ‘why do people care?’ delivers clear paths to information, and answers the top questions that occur along the buyers’ journey for her brand.

Website highlights get users invested in the experience of working with Kelley Kinetics, including what exactly to expect, Kim’s strong philosophy, and how to maximize the investment that we’re driving them to make. (Spoiler alert: it’s worth it) Visually, Kelley Kinetics’ brand identity is strengthened through a motif that’s both energizing and approachable.

Role: Web Strategy and Design, SEO
Client: Kelley Kinetics

“Working with Megan on my website resulted in a site that I love, and that stands out. In our discussions, we looked at what worked and didn’t work on other sites in my industry, and we talked at length about what really matters to my clients, to not just make it all about me. When myself or a visitor are going through the site, it’s a perfect experience. There aren’t too many moving pieces. It’s not distracting, it pulls you through and delivers you right where you want to be.”

Kim Kelley

Owner and Coach, Kelley Kinetics