Dina Pestonji Web Audit

Dina Pestonji has an amazing story of survival and perseverance to share with her audiences. Once she gets in front of these, she thrives with life and strength, connecting and inspiring. Reaching more potential audiences and decision makers is key to growing her speaking business, and her site, dinapestonji.com, is a critical tool for that.

Dina’s site, at first glance, had some effort behind it. Visually, it was clean and bright, and she informed me that she had worked with a professional. The scope of this project was to audit her site to identify and improve details that affect the perception, messaging, and behavior of those who may turn from web visitors to reaching out and booking her for a presentation. Every interaction could be key in driving those looking for corporate motivators or school commencement speakers to take the next step; every element driving this within her site had to be optimized.

From her site structure, to the focus, messaging, and call-to-action of each page, to the nuances of visuals, I offered clear suggestions of site optimizations, with Dina’s goals in focus. Research and examples helped educate Dina as to why each change could potentially influence site behavior and result in more booked events. Most notably, updated navigation, refined messaging, and extremely clear paths to conversion were proposed.

Dina implemented several improvements with confidence. She reduced the number of top-level navigation items and re-prioritized these to align with her customer journey; she updated copy site-wide to be much more audience-facing while bringing benefits to the surface; she updated photos to show her dynamic engagement; she refined and even deleted sections and pages to focus on her site goals.

Overall, her site has become a much stronger tool to drive user behavior towards her goals, rather than a beautiful site that offers loads of information. Just looking at her new hero image shows dynamic engagement, and puts her in a speaking environment where she thrives. I have to admit, I’ve started at it several times with admiration.

Dina is currently tracking site KPIs to see notable improvements in both site engagement and sessions booked. In addition to metrics, Dina has experienced some soft benefits; she reports that she has increased confidence in her personal brand identity, and is much stronger in promoting her message and tools that, when they reach audiences, have the potential to change lives.

Role: Digital Strategy Consultant
Client: Dina Pestonji, Speaker
Impact: Streamlined messaging and call to actions are expected to drive increased conversions; New updates are still being tracked.

“Megan saw things on my website that I would have never seen before or noticed. She explained every change she suggested and gave me examples to look at which amplified my own understanding of what she proposed and why.

After working with Megan, it all became clear and the messaging became a lot stronger which not only helped potential clients but also helped me. It allowed me to focus my message and understand the value I was trying to convey but also hone in and target, instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

Megan helped me to understand customer behavior on my website and how I was in fact hindering it without even realizing it. I am grateful to have worked with Megan – she is an expert and has great eyes to see what needs to be done (changed/improved) and is able to convey these suggestions in a tactful manner that helps a client like me understand and able to take action.”

-Dina Pestonji, Speaker and Client