What Is An Oasis? – Camp Video

Camp Oasis is hard to sum up. It is put on by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and gives kids diagnosed with IBD a place to not only be themselves, but connect with others going through similar experiences – be it medical, emotional, or social. ‘Oasis’ really is the perfect term to describe what this means to pediatric patients – they get a break from trudging through misunderstanding, poking and prodding, taking pills and staring at surgery scars.

The Leader In Training program gives incoming seniors a little more programming and responsibility. While they often mention their longing to be ‘normal’ – what I see is a whole package of talent, maturity, experience, and perspective. They are not normal, they are more than average. The LIT year is incredibly special, because they are really starting to realize just that.

In the 2018 session in Wisconsin, we created a video as a whole group, and my LITs chose to focus on the very concept of ‘Oasis’ and how Camp brings this to life. We worked as a team (partially due to time constraints) but they had a lot of input and direction into how we should go about this. Their only requirements were to try and include each camper at least once, and make sure it was 10 minutes or less.

Together we collected footage and conducted interviews, and in late nights in my cabin, I drew it all together into a story. What we were able to compile in just a week took the camp community through a journey of memories and growth, and also gave parents and friends an authentic peek into what camp is really about – the energy, the chosen family, the spirit, and the chance to take a break from the burden of disease – at Camp Oasis.

Role: Editing and Videography
Subject: Camp Oasis Wisconsin LIT Class
Impact: High percentage of Camp participants shared on social; several tears shed by the community at the video debut

Project Notes: The entire video, from conception to final presentation, took place in less than a week, during a Camp Oasis session.