What I Want You To Know – Viral Blog Post

One major and consistent hurdle for chronic illness patients to manage is communicating life with disease to anyone who hasn’t personally experienced it. Nearly all of the communication that exists falls into two categories: sterile lists of symptoms and medical level epidemiology. On the other side, there were early blog posts from patients that generally discussed singular events – advice on specific symptoms, tales of doctor visits.

The conversation was pieced out, and nothing I had found told the whole story in a way that could put readers in the perspective of a patient, and then take them on a journey. Patients can attest that the experience is complex, with highs, lows, layers, and subtleties that are extremely hard to process, let alone communicate to others.

Early on with The Great Bowel Movement, I felt myself bursting at the seams to even attempt to bring this experience into one piece, and this is the result.

Upon posting this to social media, we began to get thousands of views, and more post shares than we could keep up with. Before the main site went down for redesign, we had surpassed 500,000 views.

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Role: Content Author
Client: The Great Bowel Movement
Impact: Over 500,000 individual post views at time of site re-design; over 10,000 shares from the original URL.

Project Notes: Aside from high engagement, lines from this post have been quoted a number of times and is still referenced in social media today.