One Word – Camp Video

Don’t tell anyone, but I felt the pressure going into Camp Oasis 2019. In addition to leading the LIT program, I wasn’t sure I could top last year’s video – What is an Oasis? The ’18 LIT class was full of talent and outgoing energy.It’s my fault for taking on this project, which includes providing a minimal framework to the LITs, then filming, editing, and crafting a story that’s really meant to both capture moments of the week, and give those involved a piece to share, to help communicate what camp is like, and why it means so much. Cue #allthefeels.

In 2019, the LITs chose ‘One Word’ as the video theme. It’s not a new concept to our camp location, but I loved the concept of expanding it into the video theme. The four LITs absolutely nailed their input – seriously, there was almost no editing on my part – and along with them, we collected strictly a single word from many campers and volunteers.

I put this together in a similar manner and timeframe (3am on the staff lounge couch!) as last year – capturing intimate moments of camp activities and community throughout the week, as well as interviewing willing participants when time allowed. I found myself sorting through hours of footage to put together the final video, and then finessing the pace and tone to get it just right. There was only one key re-take – having the one and only Kory Miller phrase his segment beginning with a “my word is…..” setting up the perfect lead-in to the amass of single words that represent all that camp is to each and every one of us.

Role: Editing and Videography
Subject: Camp Oasis Wisconsin LIT Class
Impact: Shared by dozens of campers and volunteers, as well as official Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation chapter social pages.

Project Notes: The entire video, from conception to final presentation, took place in less than a week, during a Camp Oasis session. That means a late night or two in the break room.

“Megan’s organization skills, mentorship skills and unbounded creativity shine through in everything that she does in the Camp Oasis Leaders in Training (LIT) program. She has been able to take a previously blas√© experience and turn it into an incredibly meaningful growth experience for our rising high school senior campers, who participate in the program. Megan is always on top of her game – I know I can rely on Megan and her program to get the job done!”

Mary Elizabeth Ulliman

Program Director, Camp Oasis Wisconsin